Zia Tortilla company packaged products

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In late 2017, Zia took over chip production from our former supplier, The Chip Peddler. We continued to make the same chip, sourcing corn tortillas from La Milpa Tortilla Factory in Grand Junction and frying oil from Colorado Sunflower Oil. During this time, we continually invested in upgrading our frying equipment and factory space. In early 2019, Zia Tortilla Company was born with the addition of square footage and a full factory machine setup allowing us to create our own corn tortillas.

We currently source local, non-GMO corn, Colorado Sunflower Oil, and Redmond Sea Salt. We produce yellow & white corn tortillas as well as yellow & white corn tortilla chips for wholesale and retail.

Most corn tortillas in the US are made using corn flour (maseca). Our chips and tortillas are produced using the ancient, traditional process of nixtamalization. Nixtamalization involves soaking the corn kernel in a mineral lime (calcium) solution. The process creates a corn dough (masa) that has a stronger, deeper flavor and aroma, increased calcium content, improved protein bioavailability, reduced mycotoxins, and improved vitamin B3 content.