Our Mission

To operate a community-minded & efficient fast-service, fresh-mex restaurant with a safe, clean, comfortable environment. To improve the quality of life for all stakeholders, which includes owners, patrons, staff, suppliers, growers, and our community.

We promote what we believe in: treat the earth kindly, tread lightly, stay healthy and offer good food at reasonable prices. Be kind to all others, be thankful, be generous, and trust the Universe.

Community Support

Zia is proud to offer over $50,000 of support to over 50 local non-profits every year, with an additional $6,000 per year ear-marked for our employees and their families. There are over 300 non-profits in Durango. The need is immense, and we can only do so much. We have chosen to focus our support on secular youth programs, cycling, health & wellness, outdoor recreation, and the local ecosystem. We work to ensure that our donations go directly to the greatest needs in our community, rather than superfluous overhead expenses. We are proud to have a diverse team from various religious, spiritual, and ethnic backrgounds and we appreciate the role religious groups and churches play in our community, however, we have chosen to only donate to secular non-profits. Please keep this in mind prior to submitting your donation request.

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The Menu

We integrate traditional Mexican recipes from several regions in Mexico with traditional American pallet – offering a simple menu of dishes you recognize with a multitude of options to customize each meal. We are committed to offering affordable & healthy food that customers feel good about eating and serving to their families. We offer fresh food, made on site daily featuring grilled meats & vegetables, and made-from-scratch salsas, sauces, marinades, and rubs.

Product Sourcing

Local farmers and ranchers are at the core of our mission. We purchase as much local produce as possible, James Ranch Grass-fed Beef, local Adobe Milling beans, and more.
We continually work to grow our relationships and infrastructure to increase the amount of local food we can serve at our restaurants. Food grown by farmers you know and trust is more nutrient dense, healthier, and better for your body and the local economy.

Treat the Earth Kindly

We believe that our well-being as a business and as community members relies upon a healthy ecosystem. We are re-investing in the natural capital upon which our business and the planet depend. Making the air, water, and land cleaner, healthier, and more ecologically sound is a part of our business.

Zia Taqueria is partly powered by solar energy. We have two solar photovoltaic systems, one 10KW (North) and one 30KW system. We produce about 40% of the electricity we consume. The energy we do not produce is purchased through LPEA’s renewable energy program. We also have a Solar Hot Water system at the North restaurant which helps offset energy consumption to produce hot water.  You can also see our online realtime Solar Output Here.

Other green initiatives include:

  • We recycle glass, aluminum, paper, plastic, and cardboard.
  • We salvage all kitchen scraps for donation to local chickens at James Ranch.
  • We use recycled materials in building
  • We use recyclable serving pans for catering, and reuse all other catering equipment
  • We use buckets, crates, and reused boxes for harvesting and storage of locally raised food
  • We supply re-usable cloth bags
  • Vegetable oil from our fryers is given to a local reuse program
  • Light fixtures are high efficiency CFL
  • We use only post-consumer recycled napkins and paper towels
  • Our disposable cutlery is sourced from recycled materials and plant starch
  • We support local, organic farmers and growing practices

Learn more about our connection with Roll Farm-To-Door where we have partnered with them to provide some of the food that they deliver in their Restaurant Eats Local Box.