Community Support

We make it our mission to give back to the community that has supported us for the past 19 years. We are proud to have build a reputation of generosity in Durango and promise to always maintain that. Zia is proud to offer approximately $50,000 of support to local non-profits and needy families every year. While our donation budget is substantial, the needs in our community are vast, and we sometimes receive dozens of requests each week. Please read the following information carefully before submitting your request.

Community Support Guidelines 2024

  • We have chosen to focus our support on secular youth programscyclinghealth & wellnessoutdoor recreation, and the local ecosystem. Although there are many additional categories of important needs, we have found we need to focus our giving in order to have the greatest impact. We are not likely to approve donations outside of these areas.
  • We understand and appreciate the role that church and religious groups play in our community. Our team and our customers have various religious affiliations and we love the sense of community and spirit of generosity that these organizations promote. We do not donate to any organizations with religious affiliation. We will leave it it our individual team members and customers to chose how and where to support the religious organizations that are important to them.
  • Our community has so many amazing individuals who donate their time to local non-profits. Their generous spirit and energy are a big part of what makes this community so amazing. We also know that these folks understand the deep needs in our community, and understand how fortunate we are to be in a position to give back. We believe that the resources in this community need to go to the greatest needs first. For this reason, we do not approve donation requests for food or gift cards to “pay back” volunteers.
  • So many in our community provide incredible services through their careers including teachers, nurses, doctors, emergency services, and more. While we are so grateful to live in a community with so many amazing professionals, we believe it is the responsibility of businesses, non-profits, and government entities to provide full compensation packages & perks to their employees as part of their own labor/staffing budget, just as we do for our incredible team. We do not donate food or gift cards for employers to provide employee incentives to their staff. 
  • Similarly, we typically do not approve donation requests to pay for food or services for individuals who have the means to pay for themselves. We know there are many great activities and events happening in our community, and some awesome folks involved in them. Police Officers attending a local training? Youth sports group celebrating their great season? Teen art club on an out of state excursion? We’d LOVE to help feed or pay for anyone who cannot feed or pay for themselves and we know our community members who have the means are happy to pay their own (or their children’s) way and allow business donations to go to those truly in need.