Green Power

Our Solar Power Efforts

We understand our business relies upon a healthy ecosystem.  We are re-investing in the natural capital upon which our business and the planet depend. Making the air, water, and land cleaner, healthier, and more ecologically sound is a part of our business.

Zia Taqueria is partly powered by solar energy.  We have two solar photovoltaic systems, one 10KW (Noth) and one  30KW system (south, view production below).  We produce about 40% of the electricity we consume.  The energy we do not produce is purchased through LPEA’s renewable energy program.

We also have a Solar Hot Water system at the North restaurant which helps offset energy consumption to produce hot water.

Click here to view the solar production of our panels at the Zia South location.

Visit Shaw Solar to find out more on the benefits of using Solar Power.